Passion for Bodybuilding

In 2015, I discovered a new passion for bodybuilding.

Inspired by my spin/yoga instructor who holds a title in women’s Muay Thai kickboxing, I became motivated to compete and reach the next level. She believed in me. So I stepped onto the stage as a Natural Figure Athlete, and the same year I crossed over into the Bikini category.

I placed well, and was happy with the result. In the 2nd year, I went into the Fitness Model category where I won overall and obtained my Fitness Model PRO Card. The journey continued in March 2018 when I joined the Elite Physique Magazine (EPM) model search. I found this to be the most fun and creative show, as I was able to express myself and my passion for bodybuilding.

The biggest competition (CBBF- Canadian Bodybuilding) was held just recently on July 14, 2018. I represented the province of Alberta and was recognized as a National athlete.

I’ve fallen in love with bodybuilding, and will keep on pursuing what I’m passionate about. It’s not only about winning and receiving a trophy, but it’s more about how it makes me feel. I feel proud when I’m on stage, and when I look at myself in the mirror after having just woken up in the morning.

Overcoming the extreme diet, intense workouts, injuries, hormonal and mood changes was extremely gratifying. This being said, sometimes I felt selfish and anti-social. I was tired, hungry, sore and low on energy. It’s a mental game.

However, I already the won because I NEVER GAVE UP. That’s what matters to me.