Meditation: Is It Enough?

Research continues to show a huge array of health benefits for people who meditate regularly.

These benefits range everywhere from pain relief and reducing menopausal symptoms to helping people to quit smoking. According to the National Institutes of Health, research is showing that meditation physically changes the brain and may help it to process more information.

Many celebrities and self-help experts espouse the merits of meditation. They talk about how it helps them to have more peace and clarity in their busy lives and how meditation is a part of their daily routine. (Full disclosure, I meditate daily using a variety of techniques. For more information on the many types of meditation out there, check out Chapter 1 in my book, Stressed Self to Best Self™ , called Meditation: Which Type Is Right For You?)

But, is meditation enough?

If you’re drowning in mountains of debt, will meditation help you get your financial house in order?

What about the deep gnawing unhappiness of your marriage or relationship?

Will it help increase the satisfaction with your dead-end job?

While meditation may help to clear your mind and even lower your blood pressure, in this article I’m going to explain why I think meditation by itself is not enough to create long-lasting health, happiness, and success in your life. I’m also going to share with you 3 key strategies that can really take your life up to a whole new level.

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