How Physiotherapy Can Help Car Accident Injuries

Have you been involved in a recent car accident, and looking for ways to deal with the lingering pain and muscle soreness? Or maybe you were in a crash years ago, but you are still suffering from the long-term discomfort associated with the accident.

In either case, you have probably been through the gamut of pain rehabilitation. While invasive methods of pain management, such as prescription painkillers and surgery, might have been necessary immediately after your accident, there are more holistic approaches to consider.

Physiotherapy is a form of pain relief accomplished through physical methods, such as manual manipulation, exercise, and massage. These techniques are aimed at relieving pain, increasing blood flow, and restoring range of motion.

Before you make any decisions related to your pain management, understanding when to start physiotherapy treatment should be your first step.

When to seek physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy treatment works best when started immediately after any injury. The same is true when it comes to treating your car accident injury. Early intervention will help you in the long-run, as the more time your body spends in a state of pain and discomfort, the harder it will be to reverse the damage and alleviate the pain.

Again, each case will differ depending on the severity of the injuries. Sometimes, the immediate treatment that is needed is more advanced and invasive. In this case, you can start physiotherapy as soon as your doctor recommends it. As a rule of thumb, always check in with your doctor before starting any treatment.

What type of injuries can physiotherapy treat?

Physiotherapy can treat most types of injuries sustained in a car accident, such as muscle pain, herniated discs, or migraines. Whiplash injury, which happens when the neck snaps back and forth as a result of the sudden impact, is also effectively treated by physiotherapy.

The benefits of physiotherapy include increased blood flow, pain relief, and the prevention of long-term damage. By engaging your body in physical movement, whether it be through various exercises, stretches, or manipulation from a physiotherapist, you will be realigning your body and setting yourself up for a faster recovery.

Common car accident injuries and their treatment

Physiotherapy is equipped to treat the most common car accident injuries quickly and effectively. As mentioned above, whiplash is perhaps the most common but easily treatable injury. After a proper assessment, the physiotherapist may initiate manual manipulation of the neck, soft tissue treatment, and even posture realignment. All of these techniques are aimed at relieving pain and restoring the range of motion in your neck.

A herniated disc, another common car accident injury, can be treated similarly. The physiotherapist will normally engage in manual manipulation of the back, in addition to performing massages, stretches, and realignment techniques. Knee trauma, which is also a common car accident injury, can be addressed through various exercises, stretches, and manipulation of the joints.

Relieve your discomfort today!

Are you ready to address your car accident injuries in a holistic yet effective manner? Then it’s time to consider physiotherapy as your choice of pain management. The physiotherapists at Active Back to Health in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are trained professionals who are skilled at pain relief techniques.

After an initial assessment, you will work with your physiotherapist to determine a treatment plan going forward. This will typically consist of regular, weekly appointments that involve various exercises and soft tissue treatments. Again, the goal is to get you back to living a pain-free life and avoid long-term damage as a result of your injuries.

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