How To Treat A Sore Back


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There are many reasons why one person suffers from having a sore back. This could either be a wrong body position when you were lifting a heavy item wherein muscles are a strain, perhaps sitting or standing for long hours without having to rest the posterior back muscles or due to an effect of an accident. Back pains can also be associated with other illnesses, especially the spinal cord and lower back portion. However, if you feel like there is a tingling sensation in the legs, muscle weakness and numbness, it would be best to seek for a consultation with a Local Calgary chiropractor  before it can turn out to be something very serious.

Causes of back pain

Suffering from back pain can also result in an overweight, physical appearance and heavier weights are experiencing such soreness at the back because of the heavy-lift the body is doing. If you happened to be this type of person, it would be best also for you to try losing more weight. This can help you have a more body balance while you are sitting or standing up. There are ways for you to decrease and alleviate the soreness by the following:

Ice your back

Chilling it- if there is inflammation, it would be best for you to have a cold to place at the affected to reduce the inflammation. It is important that you can have your muscles relaxed because the more severe this has become, the more it will release toxins causing your body to feel more soreness in the affected area. Having it chill out with a cold patch or with a use of an ice cube to lessen any feeling of soreness.

Exercise cautiously

Body motion- another factor that you need to consider when you are experiencing any forms of back soreness is you have to keep moving around in a sense that your back is moving as well but in a passive range of motion. You do not want to strain yourself so be careful in moving the affected area so as to avoid any more soreness of the back.


Keep your muscles strong- one thing that you need to do right after your soreness is relieved to keep it trained by exercising. Through exercise, your back portion will feel lesser pain until the pain is alleviated.

Wear proper Shoes

The use of low heeled shoes- for most women the use of 4 inch heels are very important, but if you are constantly having soreness at the back, perhaps considering the use of low heeled shoes helps lessen the pain that you’ll be feeling and this also helps you be more comfortable and convenient. Another option would be using of wedge heels; this is even advisable to pregnant women who still wants to wear shoes with heels.

Medicate it

The use of a counter pain reliever- if pain persists, it would be best for you to take pain relievers that will help release you from the soreness that you are experiencing. Make sure the medicine that you’re taking the prescribed medication by your physician.