Happy Birthday Dr. Jen!

By Jen Collins, RMT

When we first started writing these blogs, I was told I could write about whatever I wanted. And so I am choosing to write about something, rather someone, I hold close to my heart.  In this tight family of co-workers we have at Active Back to Health, we are lucky enough to have working along beside us the one and only Dr. Jennifer Harrison.

Now,  it happens that Dr. Jen is celebrating a birthday this coming Wednesday.

You may be saying to yourself, sure, but there are many many birthdays celebrated each and everyday around the world. Why is this blog dedicated to this birthday girl?  We all know that Dr. Jen is a kind woman, not to mention an“Award Winning Author”, thank you very much. She is one of our chiropractors and an athletic therapist, and among the many other forms of treatment she can pull from her arsenal, she is one of the most intelligent women I know.  But all of this you can read on her bio.

What I want to bring to attention is something more behind the scenes at Active Back to Health.  For as long as I have been around, Dr. Jen has made sure to recognize and celebrate the birthday of each and every co-worker, each and every year.  She spends the time choosing the perfect card and then sneaks around the office making sure as many team members as possible get the chance to sign said card.  Next she stands in her kitchen baking cookies or cakes or squares or something just as equally delicious so that everyone can celebrate that persons day.  This tradition is so important to her that if she happens to be away and unable to organize a birthday herself, she’ll make sure to delegate jobs to one of her minions.

I am approaching the 10 year mark at this office, and the majority of our team is well past this. I truly believe having someone like Dr. Jen creating a sense of family by celebrating each of us one day out of the year is what makes our office the place we want to be spending our days.  So I hope you have the happiest of birthdays next week!  You are well loved!  Happy Birthday Dr. Jen!!!