Are You Firing Up More Than Your BBQ?

BBQ’d cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun, anyone?

Maybe an ice cream sundae for dessert? Sounds like wonderful summer fare doesn’t it?

Well, for those of us in the nutrition-know, we may be screaming, “Don’t do it!” While you might equate firing up the BBQ with yummy eats, what you may not know is that the grilled food you’re eating can be causing inflammation in your body. Take the cheeseburger on a whole wheat bun. The fat found in red meat (i.e. hamburger) contains omega 6 essential fatty acids which can promote inflammation. The cheese (dairy) and the whole wheat in the bun? Ditto with the en flambé in your body. And that can happen even if you don’t have food sensitivities!1

The ice cream sundae? Well, dairy again but the excess sugar can cause a whole host of problems, including, you guessed it, inflammation!

The World Health Organization recommends no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day2. That refers to sugar other than what would naturally occur in healthy fruits and veggies.

For example, did you know that one scoop (100g) of vanilla ice cream contains 21 grams of added sugar? Even a measly tablespoon of ketchup contains about 4 grams of sugar!

In this article I’m going to help you understand how inflammation can affect various parts of your body from your brain to your big toe.

I’m also going to provide some awesome alternatives so you can fire up the BBQ but not inflame your body!

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