Naturopathic Advantages

Active Back to Health: Your Local Naturopathic Doctor in Calgary

Active Back to Health is proud to offer naturopathic services in Calgary. If you’re wondering what a naturopath does, they offer remedial treatment through diet alterations and natural means, a naturopath instead guides you toward better health through the most natural and foundational sources. For instance, a naturopath considers your diet and how it impacts your overall health. 

Advantages of Natural Medicine

 Natural remedies are another example of treating illnesses. The most famous herbs and spices that are recommended to help cure illnesses are simply fruits and vegetables. These have natural vitamins and minerals that give way to natural therapeutic means. 

During ancient times, the use of natural medicine was one of the oldest forms of medicine until there was a shift in the evolution of medicinal formulation to a more chemically-based approach. However, even if there are many forms of medicine available worldwide, there are still people who like to use traditional herbal medicine. If this sounds like you, it’s best to seek the advice of a naturopathic doctor in Calgary who can address your specific needs and your specific situation.

In comparison to high-end medicines, natural remedies have more benefits and fewer side effects or downsides. Consider the following benefits of herbal medicine:

1. Herbal medicines are affordable

Higher end products of medicine that are manufactured by big companies are more expensive, given that they undergo a more defined, processed, commercialized and marketed process. Herbal medicines are more affordable and beneficial to your body.

2. They include easy to find materials

Herbal medicine is everywhere — especially if you live in a place where everything can be planted and produced. You may find it hard to believe — but back in the day, people used to plant herbal fruits and plants in their backyard, which made the medicine accessible when it came to treating minor health issues or illnesses.

3. They’re cleaner

Raw materials are easy to harvest by yourself and you know how it is prepared – or at least, often you know where it’s coming from. If you’re making it yourself, you know what goes into it. It isn’t chemically altered or processed. It’s all-natural!

4. They’re more effective

Although high end branded medicines that are manufactured are still effective, they are not as effective as the treatment of natural medicine. They don’t alter body processes or disrupt normal functioning, like some other forms of medicine do.

5. They have a milder effect

Compared to higher forms of medicine, there is a need to test drug sensitivity before you administer it — whereas with herbal medicine, it has a milder effect and is less harsh. 

6. They have fewer side effects

Most herbal remedies have little-to-no side effects, offering you the best of both worlds. Whereas over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, on the other hand, contain various chemicals and ingredients that impact the body in many different ways.

Often, natural remedies are not recommended for the treatment of major and serious illnesses. This requires consultation with a physician and potentially specialists, before determining a set treatment path, which may or may not involve natural remedies.

What Can a Naturopath Help Treat?

Naturopathic doctors can help in a variety of circumstances, including improving cardiovascular health, immunity, skin conditions, stress, sleep problems, arthritis and more.

If you’re searching for a naturopath in Calgary, contact Active Back to Health today. Find out how a naturopath can help you realize your best life and help you find a more sustainable approach to good health.