What Is Counseling?

Counseling or “talk therapy” involves a conversation (or series of conversations) between a counselor and client focused on a specific problem and discussion of possible steps to address and resolve a problem. Problems are discussed in the present tense with lesser attention given to role of past experiences. Counselors tend to guide the clients to discover their own answers and support them in the actions they take.

Psychotherapy, like counseling, involves a healing and supportive therapist-client relationship, but typically includes exploring the past and its impact of the present by considering overall patterns, chronic issues, recurrent feelings and thought patterns. The aim is to resolve underlying issues facilitating more free and effective engagement in the present and future.

The minimum requirement to operate a counseling practice in Alberta is a Master’s degree in Counseling or a related field such as Psychology or Social Work.

The College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) is the current licensing body in Alberta. Most insurance providers cover counseling services provided by members of the CAP. Clients can petition their insurance provider directly to seek approval of a non-CAP counselor based on education, experience and expertise.

Forms Of Treatment

Counseling services are distinguishable by Participants. For example (not an exhaustive list):
Individual counseling, marriage counseling, family Counseling.

Counseling services are distinguishable by Treatment Approach. For example (not an exhaustive list):
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (thought patterns),
Psychoanalytic Therapy (influence of the past, unconscious), Solution-Focused Therapy (goal-directed collaboration).

Counseling services are distinguishable by Clinical Techniques. For example (not an exhaustive list):
EMDR (eye movement desensitization & reprocessing), NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Play Therapy (express fantasies and feelings through play).

Counseling services are distinguishable by Specialized presenting problem. For example (not an exhaustive list):
Addictions counseling, grief counseling, trauma and abuse recovery.

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Common Health Conditions Treated

Not an exhaustive list

Anxiety disorders Depressive disorders Abuse and trauma recovery PTSD Addictions Self-harming Codependency Eating disorders Marital issues Infidelity Parenting Grief Peer relationships Self-esteem Sexuality Identity Formation Spirituality

Fee Schedule

Individual Session
$150 - $180 per hour

Couple Session
$160- $180 per hour

Family Session
$175 - $180.00

**We do NOT direct bill any insurance companies for counseling**

**Please call for hours of each individual counselor**

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