Steve Ernst

Massage Therapist

Steve is a Registered Massage Therapist with certification in multiple continuing education disciplines.
His original 2200 hour program was enhanced by a ‘Sports specialist’ certificate. These elements build on a Physical Education degree and emphasize Steve’s lifelong dedication to health and fitness.

Steve has been treating clients of all ages since 2005 including recreational athletes, pregnant women,
people recovering from an accident or those who are just succumbing to the stresses of ‘work-a-day’ life.
Steve finds that the key to recovery and optimal health is a developing a trusting relationship
where both parties are determined to make a situation better!

Steve treats the whole body with an assertive and strategic approach. Success is encouraged
through a relaxing atmosphere that is remarkably effective.

Being fit and healthy enough to enjoy the natural environment around us is Steve’s goal for his entire life and for you, too.
He continues to be an active participant in: skiing, cycling, tennis, hockey and paddling.
Travelling the world remains a goal in ‘mid-pursuit’.

2200-hour Registered Massage Therapist, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy
Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education), University of Western Ontario
Schweitzer’s Deep Tissue Therapy (advanced level teaching assistant)
TMJ Mastery (specializing in jaw dysfunction)
Active Isolated Stretching (the Matte’s method)
Kinesio Taping (KT2 Advanced)
Hot Stone Massage

Massage Therapy Association of Alberta

Massage Therapy Hours:

Monday - Thursday 9am-7pm
Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm.

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